SEC Guidance on Client Testimonials and Third-Party Endorsements

July 27, 2023

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) recently provided additional guidance through a Risk Alert (6/8/23) about the use of client testimonials and endorsement (formerly referred to as solicitations) by investment advisers under Rule 206(4)-1, which is also referred to as the SEC’s new Marketing Rule.

The Risk Alert highlights several critical areas concerning testimonials and endorsements that are being examined by the SEC staff including the following:


  1. Disclosures: Is the promoter including the required clear and prominent disclosures whenever a testimonial or endorsement is made. This includes disclosing whether the promoter is a client or investor and whether the promoter is compensated. Additionally, any material conflicts of interest of the promoter must be disclosed.

Best Practice Tip:  To the extent that an investment adviser firm subject to the new Marketing Rule is using a separate “solicitor” disclosure statement drafted prior to the approval (or possibly the effective) date of the Marketing Rule, it’s likely such disclosure statement does not include an identification of client status or any material conflict of interest disclosure and consequently is not in compliance with the Marketing Rule.  The separate disclosure should be updated as soon as possible.

  1. Oversight: Does the investment adviser have a reasonable basis for believing the testimonials or endorsements of its promoters comply with the Marketing Rule’s requirements.

Best Practice Tip:  An investment adviser will need to have evidence that the required disclosures are being made at the time of the testimonial or promoter.  Moreover, the investment adviser should verify initially (and periodically thereafter if it is still used) the accuracy of the testimonial and endorsement. An investment adviser updates its compliance manual/code of ethics to reflect the new Marketing Rule.

  1. Written Agreements: Has the investment adviser executed written agreements with its promoters? The SEC noted that there are exceptions for (a) readily apparent or disclosed affiliates or (b) or the promoters receive de minimis compensation (i.e., $1,000 or less, or the equivalent value in non-cash compensation, during the preceding twelve months).

Best Practice Tip:  Even if an investment adviser and promoter are not entering into a written agreement based upon the de minimis compensation exception, an investment adviser should still confirm through a written acknowledgement by the promoter that the accuracy of the testimonial or endorsement, authority for the investment adviser to use of the testimonial/endorsement and requirement that the client or third-party to notify the investment adviser if the testimonial/endorsement becomes inaccurate.

  1. Ineligible Persons: Were any ineligible persons compensated by the investment adviser for testimonials or endorsements?

Best Practices:  An investment adviser should require promoter to complete a questionnaire, and the investment adviser should check and run a criminal and civil background check for last 10 years. 

Given the SEC’s scrutiny, it is essential for an investment adviser to thoroughly review its use of testimonials and endorsements in marketing materials and client acquisition, ensuring that the investment adviser meets the Marketing Rule’s requirements.

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