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Financial Exploitation of Elderly and Vulnerable Clients

September 06, 2017

An investment adviser firm and its investment adviser representatives are uniquely placed to spot signs of financial exploitation that may be happening to their investment advisory clients. An investment adviser representative is often on the front lines of a client’s finances and becomes quite familiar with a client’s habits, preferences, and personal situation. This knowledge can help the investment adviser representative spot unusual patterns and suspicious requests, whether made directly by the client or by a third party.

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A Registered Investment Adviser Needs to Ensure that Power of Attorney Over Client’s Account Is Limited

October 02, 2009

In order to trade or otherwise access a client’s account held by a custodian, a registered investment adviser must be granted written authorization by the client. Such authorization is generally granted in the form of a power of attorney. Although a power of attorney over a client’s account is necessary for a registered investment adviser to manage the client’s account, it is important for an investment adviser to ensure that the power of attorney is limited to only the functions actually intended by the client and the investment adviser.

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