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Investment Advisers Should begin Preparing to Submit their Annual Form ADV Amendment

December 22, 2021

Annual Amendment ServiceInvestment Advisers’ Final Renewal Statements and reports will be available for viewing and printing on January 2, 2022. All registered investment advisers should download and review these reports; Final Renewal Statements will indicate if any additional fees are due and these payments are due by January 22, 2022. Additionally, investment advisers with a fiscal year end of December 31 are encouraged to begin preparing their required Form ADV annual updating amendments.

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Deadline for Receipt of Preliminary Renewal Statement Payments Quickly Approaching

December 02, 2021

The deadline for investment advisers to submit their Preliminary Renewal Statement payment is quickly approaching. FINRA must be in receipt of the full payment listed on the Preliminary Renewal Statement by December 13, 2021. Investment advisers with sufficient funds in their Flex-Funding Account to cover the Preliminary Renewal Statement payment will have funds automatically transferred beginning on December 13, 2021 to the Renewal Account to cover total renewal fees owed. Automatic transfers will be conducted every day after December 13, 2021 until the WEB CRD/IARD shuts down for year-end processing on December 27, 2021. Investment advisers that choose to mail in their payments are advised to do so now to avoid delays and to ensure funds are received by the deadline.

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Preliminary Renewal Statements Available Monday

November 03, 2021

Starting Monday, November 8, 2021, a registered investment adviser firm can access, via its IARD account, its Preliminary Renewal Statement for 2022 renewals. The Preliminary Renewal Statement must be paid, in full, by Monday, December 13, 2021. Depending on your method of payment, it may take at least two days for a payment to post to the IARD account. Because of this, your firm’s payment should arrive at FINRA no later than Wednesday, December 8, 2021, to ensure that funds are posted to your firm’s IARD account by December 13, 2021.

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Colorado Extends Its ADV Filing Deadline for Investment Advisers

March 24, 2020

Due to disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the Colorado Securities Commission issued a Temporary Order relief for investment adviser firms registered with the Colorado Division of Securities. According to the relief order, an investment adviser firm registered with the Colorado Securities Commissioner, “may perform any of the Form ADV filing, updating and customer delivery requirement set forth by the Colorado Securities Act and related regulations up to 45 days after such action is due to be performed.” In effect, with this order relief Colorado extends its ADV filing deadline.

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SEC’s Passes New Rule Requiring Additional Information from Investment Advisers on the Form ADV

September 12, 2016

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) recently announced changes to the Form ADV used by investment adviser firms to register with the SEC and state securities regulators. Two changes are of particular note. First, investment adviser firms will now be required to disclose all social media platforms the firm uses for business purposes, such as pages on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. In the event of a regulatory exam, investment adviser firms should also be prepared to produce records related to the content of those sites at any given point in time. The SEC rule does not require investment adviser firms to provide information about personal social media accounts held by employees or about social media sites whose content is generated by third parties and not controlled by the investment adviser. It is important to remember, however, that client communications made by the investment adviser firm’s employees on a personal account would still be subject to other applicable record keeping requirements, such as those relating to performance claims or solicitation. Click here to read the SEC rule release detailing the new requirements.

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How Your Investment Advisers Can Streamline the Annual Form ADV Delivery Requirements

May 30, 2013

An investment adviser is required to prepare and submit a completed Form ADV as part of the initial registration process.  In addition to the review by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) or state securities regulator(s) for purposes of determining whether to approve or deny an application for investment adviser registration, the Form ADV Part 2 is also used as the investment adviser’s disclosure document which is required to be provided to all investment advisory clients.

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