Strategic Alliance Members

RIA Compliance Consultants is proud to have entered into Strategic Alliance with the companies referenced below. RIA Compliance Consultants believes that members of our Strategic Alliance Program provide services needed by many of our clients. Our Strategic Alliance Program is intended to assist investment advisers with their search in finding solutions to address some of the common services needed. Strategic Alliance members pay a membership fee to RIA Compliance Consultants for exclusive marketing opportunities to our clients regarding the Strategic Alliance member’s field of expertise.

  • Greytwist - Data Governance
    • Founded on the simple principle to help transform how financial professionals safeguard their most important asset, their clients’ PII and financial information; Greytwist is helping firms strengthen their stance on protecting client sensitive information & reducing exposure to cyber risks with our Data Governance platform.

      Greytwist’s core features include: performing and managing vendor due-diligence, employee training, automated policy management and attestation signing, automating incident response management, employee access controls, and reporting on your cybersecurity & data privacy efforts for auditors & clients’ alike.

      Greytwist’s Data Governance platform is designed with the non-technical user in mind, resulting in a purpose-built and intuitive data privacy application.

      Click here to learn more about Greytwist

  • Bridge Financial Technology
    • Bridge Financial Technology is an automation-focused software designed to help advisors save time by streamlining back office functions and effectively scale their business with confidence. Bridge is focused on improving and expanding our technology in order to give advisors the tools they need to improve efficiency in the back office, enhance client interactions, and spend more time with existing clients or continuing to grow their business. Bridge’s trading partnership enables advisors to efficiently manage portfolio construction and execution in-house, in addition to accessing the full suite of BridgeFT for consistent, clean back-end reporting, automated billing, and support from BridgeFT.

      Click here to learn more about BridgeFT.

  • Lockton Affinity, LLC - Insurance Solutions
    • Click here to learn more about Lockton Affinity, LLC.

  • WiserAdvisor - Paladin Research & Registry
    • WiserAdvisor has over 20 years’ experience in connecting motivated investors to financial advisors nationwide. The company has successfully generated qualified investor referrals worth billions of dollars in AUM for its advisor members. Our qualified leads enable advisors to spend their valuable time focusing on serving the investors rather than spending their time identifying qualified prospects. Additionally, our SEO enhanced advisor profiles and listings on 6 premium directories increase exposure and credibility. Our combined services enable advisors to reach beyond their current circle of influence and grow their AUM. WiserAdvisor believes in empowering the investor, as well as the advisor, reach their financial goals. The advisor member program is therefore, easy, convenient and completely customizable.

      *Advisors must qualify to participate in WiserAdvisor/

      Click here to learn more about WiserAdvisor/Paladin Registry


The determination to use the services or products of a Strategic Alliance member is an important decision and should not be based solely upon a member’s participation in our Strategic Alliance Program. RIA Compliance Consultants is not affiliated with these Strategic Alliance members, does not control or supervise the services or products of the Strategic Alliance member and reference to these Strategic Alliance members does not mean that RIA Compliance Consultants has performed any level of due diligence on the Strategic Alliance member’s services or products. As with any service provider, clients are urged to perform their own due diligence on the Strategic Alliance members listed on this page. Each registered investment adviser should perform its own independent investigation and evaluation to make sure that the Strategic Alliance member is the best fit for its firm.

RCC receives compensation for these Strategic Alliance memberships.

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