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Google Extended: Another Tool for Investment Advisers to Protect Their Intellectual Property from Artificial Intelligence

October 03, 2023

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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and intellectual property, Google has recently introduced a new tool called Google Extended which may be helpful to investment advisers desiring to protect their proprietary content on their website. This new tool allows web publishers such as investment adviser firms to have their websites indexed for search engine purposes while opting out of having their data used for training Google’s artificial intelligence (“AI”) models, including Bard. This development has far-reaching implications for various industries, including investment advisers who are increasingly reliant on digital platforms for client acquisition and engagement.

For a comprehensive understanding of Google Extended, you can read Google’s official blog post here.

What is Google Extended?

Google Extended is a feature that allows web publishers to control how their data is used by Google. Specifically, it enables websites to continue being indexed by Google’s search engine but prevents the data from being used to train Google’s AI models. This is a significant step towards giving web publishers more control over their data, aligning with growing concerns about data privacy and ethical AI training.

Why Should Investment Advisers Care?

Protecting Proprietary Content

For investment advisers who publish proprietary research, market analyses, financial planning issues or investment strategies on their websites, the introduction of Google Extended adds another layer of protection. By opting out of allowing your data to be used for training AI models, you can ensure that your unique insights and methodologies are not inadvertently incorporated into publicly accessible AI systems. This is particularly important for maintaining the exclusivity and competitive edge of your proprietary content. While Google Extended doesn’t replace traditional methods of intellectual property protection, such as copyrights or patents, it does offer an additional safeguard against unauthorized data usage. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult with your legal team to see how Google Extended can fit into your broader strategy for protecting proprietary information online.

SEO Implications

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is crucial for investment advisers to attract new clients and maintain an online presence. Google Extended allows your website to remain searchable, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on visibility while opting to protect your proprietary content and intellectual property on your website to train an AI model.

Regulatory Implications

While Google Extended is not a regulatory tool, its introduction could potentially influence future regulations concerning intellectual property rights, data privacy and AI.

How to Implement Google Extended?

Implementation is generally straightforward and can be done through Google’s Search Console. However, before making any changes, consult with your marketing, information technology, compliance and legal teams to ensure that opting for Google Extended aligns with your investment adviser firm’s intellectual property and data privacy policies.


Google Extended is a pioneering tool that addresses growing concerns about intellectual property rights, data privacy and ethical AI training. For investment advisers, it offers a new avenue to control how their online content is used, without compromising on search engine visibility. As AI continues to evolve, staying updated on tools like Google Extended could offer competitive advantages.

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