2020 Form ADV Annual Amendment

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The ADV Annual Amendment Service provided by RIA Compliance Consultants is to assist an investment adviser with preparing and filing through the IARD system the Form ADV Part 1 annual amendment that an investment adviser must file within 90 days of the investment adviser’s fiscal year end.

After receiving the online payment for this service, we will send you an email requesting that you execute an electronic contract. (If you would like to view or execute this electronic engagement now, please click here). Once we have received your executed agreement along with your online payment, we will email you instructions on how to provide RIA Compliance Consultants with user access to your IARD/Web CRD Account. This will allow us to prepare and submit documents on your behalf.

*Advisers managing private funds may be charged additional fees. If you manage a private fund and are an existing client, you should contact your consultant to discuss the price prior to engaging RIA Compliance Consultants for this service. New clients can click here to schedule a time for someone to call you to discuss pricing or contact Tammy Emsick at (877) 345-4034 Ext. 102.