New York IAR Licensing – Updated Investment Adviser Compliance Manual Section

February 22, 2021

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In light of the new investment adviser representative (“IAR”) licensing requirement of the State of New York, RIA Compliance Consultants has updated its sample compliance manual section for investment adviser representative licensing in New York.

New York Investor Protection Bureau

New York Investor Protection Bureau office – New York, New York

Under new New York IAR licensing rule, registration is required for investment adviser representatives, solicitors, principals and supervisors of New York state registered investment adviser firms.  Additionally, the rule requires registration of investment adviser representatives of SEC-registered investment adviser firms if the investment adviser representative conducts advisory activities from a place of business in New York or holds out to the public a New York location at which the investment adviser representative provides investment advisory services, solicits, meets with, or otherwise communicates with clients.  For more specific details about the IAR licensing requirements, please refer to New York’s final adopted rule.

This new sample compliance section, WSP/CoE Section Update – IAR Licensing in New York, includes both a version for a state registered investment adviser firm and another version for a SEC registered investment adviser firm.  This investment adviser policy and procedure, WSP/CoE Section Update – IAR Licensing in New York , is available to our Annual Compliance Program clients in the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages or can be purchased on a la carte basis for $250.

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Additional Resources

To read New York’s final adopted rule on investment adviser representative registration, click here.

To view New York’s step-by-step guidance for registering new investment adviser representatives, existing investment adviser representatives, and solicitors, click here. If needed, the new Form NY-IASW is available here.

To view New York’s instructions for mass IAR registration (for investment adviser firms registering more than 20 IARs), click here. Investment advisers utilizing the mass registration process must also submit an attestation, available here.

New York Investor Protection Bureau – Investment Adviser FAQs

Sample Forms

Sample Compliance Manual Section – IAR Licensing in New York

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