SEC Fines Investment Adviser for Failing to Refund Unearned Fees When Client Terminates Advisory Services

July 26, 2018

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) recently settled with an investment adviser firm which allegedly had improperly refused to refund $131,000 in unearned advisory fees to 63 departing investment advisory clients. The SEC censured the investment adviser firm and imposed a $100,000 civil penalty on it. The SEC also imposed a $50,000 penalty on the investment adviser firm’s majority owner.

The SEC alleged that the investment advisory clients had requested the investment adviser firm terminate their relationships over emails. The investment adviser firm and its majority owner initially refused to recognize the requests as valid, demanding hard copies of client signatures even though their investment advisory client agreements and disclosure documents didn’t require it for termination of services. In addition, the SEC found the investment adviser firm to have made misleading statements to clients by not disclosing that the firm was insolvent at the time. For additional details, the SEC settlement of this administrative proceeding can be found here.

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