Ongoing Training Helps to Build Internal Culture of Compliance for Investment Advisers

May 02, 2013

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Investment advisers must develop a strong culture of compliance within the investment adviser firm in order to help prevent and detect regulatory violations.  In order to do so, investment advisers must figure out a way to stay current on regulatory changes and current areas of focus and should provide ongoing training to the investment adviser’s supervised persons.  RIA Compliance Consultants provides a wide variety of investment adviser compliance webinars to help investment advisers understand ongoing compliance requirements, key areas of regulatory focus, and regulatory changes. Investment advisers can now purchase a yearly subscription webinar package.  Investment advisers purchasing the yearly subscription webinar package will be provided unlimited access to any live and previously recorded webinars hosted by RIA Compliance Consultants during the term of the engagement. We have over 30 previously recorded webinars in our library and typically host at least 10 live webinars per year. Your investment adviser can use the webinars presented by RIA Compliance Consultants to assist your investment adviser with new staff training on basic investment adviser compliance, to learn best practices tips for chief compliance officers and to help the investment adviser stay current on recent regulatory developments. By purchasing this annual subscription now, your investment adviser can immediately reduce the average cost of attending multiple investment advisory compliance webinars presented by RIA Compliance Consultants and make sure that you and your supervised person have access to outstanding investment adviser compliance training presented by our veteran compliance consultants. To view our library of previously recorded webinars, please click here and to view our current schedule for live webinars, please click here. We update our live webinars schedule frequently, so please continue to check back for an updated schedule. To learn more about our compliance webinars package program or to purchase this package, please click here.

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