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March 05, 2012

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RIA Compliance Consultants encourages you to view our firm’s Facebook page. In the ever increasing use of social media to communicate, RIA Compliance Consultants is eager to have a simple way to keep our clients updated on compliance matters relating to your investment adviser firm.

RIA Compliance Consultants strives to update regularly our Facebook page, which provides instant access to our regulatory alerts and compliance tips. We also post up-to-date compliance articles and are able to offer complimentary webinar recordings and sample forms. The goal behind our Facebook page is to keep your investment adviser firm informed and abreast of critical compliance matters.

If you’d like access to our regulatory alerts, compliance tips and periodic release of complimentary webinar recordings and sample forms, please click here to “Like” RIA Compliance Consultants on Facebook now. As a show of our appreciation, RIA Compliance Consultants will provide you with a free sample Annual Compliance Calendar Checklist that will serve to help your investment adviser stay proactive with its on-going compliance program.

Please understand that clicking the “Like” button does not constitute a testimonial for or endorsement of RIA Compliance Consultants, any associated person, or our services. “Like” is not meant in the traditional sense; the clicking of the “Like” button is merely a mechanism to circulate our Facebook page. RIA Compliance Consultants requests that any postings to our Facebook page should refrain from recommending us or providing testimonials for our compliance consulting firm.

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