Deadline Approaching for Investment Advisers to Complete the New Form U4 Regarding Regulatory Actions

October 29, 2009

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Registered investment adviser firms must file amended Form U4s for all their investment adviser representatives to provide answers to the new regulatory action disclosure questions. The North American Securities Administrators Association (“NASAA”) has published notice clarifying that the new questions on the FINRA Form U4 and the deadline of November 13, 2009 applies to investment adviser representatives.

Six regulatory action disclosure questions were added to the Form U4 on May 18, 2009. The new disclosure questions are Questions 14C(6)(7) and (8) and Questions 14E(5)(6) and (7). These questions are recorded with a blank answer on an investment adviser representative’s Form U4 filing, and investment adviser firms must provide answers to these new disclosure questions by not later than November 13, 2009. In order to respond to the new disclosure questions, a firm will need to submit Form U4s with responses to these new questions for all of the firm’s investment adviser representatives. If the firm determines that a “yes” response is required for any of the new disclosure questions, then the U4 filing would need to include a corresponding completed disclosure reporting page regarding the “yes” answer.

For additional details regarding the new Form U4 regulatory action questions, you may review information published on the FINRA website at the Approved Changes to Forms U4 & U5 web page and in the FINRA Regulatory Notice 09-23.

RIA Compliance Consultants, Inc. can help you file updated Form U4s for your investment adviser representatives. If you would like our assistance in updating the Form U4s for your investment adviser representatives, please contact our office at 877-345-4034.

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