IARD System Fee Waiver

November 05, 2008

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In a joint statement issued last week, the SEC and NASAA announced that they will continue the waiver of the IARD initial and annual system fees applied to registered investment advisor firms. The fee waiver will continue through July 31, 2009. NASAA also announced a waiver of the annual $30 system fee for investment adviser representatives. Initial fees for investment adviser representatives will be waived beginning January 1, 2009 and go through December 31, 2009. The fee waiver does not apply to state registration and licensing fees. States will continue to collect initial and annual fees for firms and representatives via the IARD system. Preliminary Annual Renewal Statements which detail the state fees charged to registered investment advisers will be available via IARD on Monday, November 10.

RIA Compliance Consultants is offering a special package that includes assistance with completing both the annual renewal requirement and filing the Annual Amendment to Form ADV Part 1. For the low price of $450, RIA Compliance Consultants will help your firm confirm its registration status in all necessary jurisdictions and confirm the registration status of all investment advisor representatives for 2009. You will also receive an Annual Amendment Questionnaire for you to complete so that we may prepare and file your Form ADV Part 1 Annual Amendment within the necessary timeframe.

Engagements received after November 15 are subject to availability so complete and return the Agreement for Services today! Click here to view the Agreement for Services.

*If you are an existing RIA Compliance Consultants hourly retainer client, you do not need to complete the Agreement for Services. Simply contact your lead consultant to sign-up for this service.

**If you are an RIA Compliance Consultants annual retainer client, this service is included in your retainer agreement. To learn more about our retainer services and fees, please contact us at 877-345-4034.

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