SEC and NASSA Continue IARD System Fee Waiver

October 30, 2006

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As the 2007 IARD Annual Renewal Season quickly approaches, there is good news for investment advisor firms. The SEC and NASAA announced last week that they will continue to waive the annual IARD system fees paid by investment advisor firms for the next two years. The two bodies also announced a waiver of initial set-up fees for new advisors filing through Web CRD/IARD. Prior to this announcement, initial fees ranged from $150 – $1,100 and $100 – $550 annually, depending on the amount of the firm’s assets under management.

In addition to the waiver of firm fees, NASAA also announced the reduction of IAR initial and renewal fees. The fees are being reduced from $45 per IAR to $30 IAR.

*Please note this waiver does not apply to state filing fees which are collected through Web CRD/IARD.

This is certainly good news as regulators attempt to lighten the load of the cost of doing business as an investment advisor. To read the official press release click here.

To read more about the 2007 IARD Annual Renewal Season and our special Annual Renewal Service, please visit our website.

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