RIA Website Accessibility Webinar

During our July 2021 “RIA Website Accessibility” Webinar, RIA Compliance Consultants, Natalie Hadley, and Greg Rogers from Outlook Business Solutions discussed the importance of RIAs making their websites and client facing interfaces accessible to everyone.

RIA Website Accessibility Slides

RIA Website Accessibility Webinar Slides

Additional Resources

Advertising – Accessibility – Best Practices Checklist

This is a sample investment adviser form which is intended to provide examples of how to make an investment adviser’s website more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Although the services of RIA Compliance Consultants, Inc. do not include an accessibility review for purposes of ADA compliance and RIA Compliance Consultants is not expert in such matters, it is the understanding of RIA Compliance Consultants that these are common best accessibility practices that an investment adviser firm should consider for its website and electronic materials. These are merely best practices and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all accessibility practices which an investment adviser firm should consider for adoption with respect to its website and/or electronic materials. RCC recommends that an investment adviser firm retain a third-party organization that periodically audits an investment adviser’s website and electronic materials for purposes of meeting ADA requirements and WCAG guidelines. https://www.ria-compliance-consultants.com/webinar-slides-and-sample-forms/advertising-accessibility-best-practices-checklist/

University of Washington – Creating Accessible Forms

The preceding link is a serious of best practices compiled by the University of Washington about how to create an accessible online form.

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