KnowledgeBase Instructions

First, login from the ‘Your Account’ dropdown menu:


Then, return to the ‘Your Account’ dropdown menu and click on KnowledgeBase & RIA Express – Compliance Review Tool. This will take you to the main KnowledgeBase page.


From the main KnowledgeBase page, you will be able to access sample forms, recorded webinars, WSP update sections, and, if applicable, the RIA Express Compliance Review Tool through their respective categories. Please note that some items may not be accessible depending on your level of Annual Compliance Program. In this case, items can be purchased a la carte through our online store.


Alternatively, you can use the KnowledgeBase search bar to search for all available resources on a certain topic within the KnowledgeBase.


Please refer to the below video for a tutorial on how to access the KnowledgeBase: